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Precision Meter Tubes

  • Ultrasonic, orifice and turbine meter tubes manufactured to AGA requirements or your company’s specifications. Precision honed and dimensionally accurate, we craft our meter tubes from the highest quality components.


Meter Skids

  • Complete custom designed systems, skid mounted for easy transportation and placement.   Our design group will find the best solution to your project requirements. We can incorporate electronic flow measurement, valve automation, sampling and quality analysis, heated and lighted buildings, and many other components. Our design will also take into consideration environmental and space requirements.

Control Valve Skids

  • Custom flow and pressure control systems, from small fuel gas supplies to larger multi-stage pressure cuts.

Pig Launchers & Receivers

  • Whether barrels or full skids with valves, we can design the right system for your pigging application.
  • Our automatic sphere launching and receiving skids include control systems specifically programmed to your needs.

Fuel gas skids

  • Our design will integrate all the required piping and components into a simple package that is easy to transport and operate.

Electronic flow measurement (EFM) and gas quality analysis:

  • We can build based on your standard package, or design one for you taking into consideration your project requirements and environmental conditions.