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Big Elk Family History

Big Elk

(Osage, Opahtunkah)

The family name stands for strength, courage, and leadership. This is the lineage of that name and an insight into the mission of Big Elk Energy Systems, LLC.

Big Elk (Opahtunkah) was born in 1852 and was a chief of the Claremore band of the Osage tribe; the Claremore band was part of the upland forest people who settled near Hominy, OK. Big Elk was present in a delegation to Washington D.C. in March of 1897 and was involved in many important events concerning the welfare of the Osage people.

Big Elk passed away in 1902. He had one son, Charles Big Elk (Sr.), who was born in 1874 and passed away in 1918. Charles Big Elk had 6 children – Charles (Charlie), Don, Belle, Grace, Effie, and Mary. Charles (Charlie) Big Elk had his first child on January 8th, 1932, a girl, Cora Jean (Big Elk) Jech who is the mother of Alma Hager and grandmother of Geoffrey Hager, owner of Big Elk Energy Systems, LLC. The Big Elk descendants still own their original allotment in Hominy, Oklahoma where the Big Elk family cemetery is located.

We strive to bring to our company the proud tradition of the Big Elk family and the strength of that name.

federal meeting in 1893

Big Elk (Top row, fourth from left) at a federal meeting in 1893

Charles Big Elk

Charles Big Elk (Sr.)

Charlie Big Elk

Charles (Charlie) Big Elk

Cora Jean Big Elk Jech

Cora Jean (Big Elk) Jech

Alma Hager and Geoffrey Hager

Alma Hager and Geoffrey Hager